College football fan happiness ranked by ESPN


ESPN ranked the fan happiness of the 128 FBS college football programs. The listings were based on these six categories: Program power, rivalry dominance, coaching stability, recruiting trend, revenue growth and Twitter buzz. Here's a look at the top 15.

Coming in at number 15 is Virginia Tech.

The University of Wisconsin took the 14th spot.

At number 13 is Washington State.

Penn State ranked 12th.

The University of Washington placed 11th.

Appalachian State finished 10th.

In the number nine spot is Northwestern.

Clemson ranked eighth.

Stanford took the seventh spot.

Oklahoma finished sixth.

At number five, Kansas State.

Louisville finished in fourth place.

At number three, Alabama.

Florida State took the second spot.

The Ohio State University took the top spot in the ESPN fan happiness rankings for 2017.