ALEXANDRIA, La. (WNTZ) – FOX 48 and Vaughn Automotive are honored to award Mayor Jerome Scott of Pollock with this month’s Hometown Hero award.

Mayor Scott not only purchases Christmas gifts for the less fortunate (not just children) with his own money, but he organizes and throws parades and parties for every holiday; he purchases everything needed including fireworks, food and parade throws with his own money. Mayor Scott has organized the revitalization of the local park in Pollock, holds the Dogwood Festival every year, and has now started a Farmer’s Market.

Mayor Scott does everything mentioned plus raises his grandson on his own since his wife passed a way a couple years ago. Some say we wouldn’t have a Town of Pollock if it wasn’t for this wonderful and giving person. 

Mayor Scott is the longest running mayor of Pollock, and does not take a salary. Congratulations to a well-deserved Hometown Hero, Mayor Jerome Scott.