In this sixth segment of Legacy: America’s Veterans, Staff Sgt. Amy Peckett in the 115th Combat Support Hospital of the United States Army, explains her role as a military police officer.

Peckett’s main task is dealing with security and intelligence. As a military police officer, she proudly represents the best of what people believe the US is made up of, the peace keepers. Currently she is not on patrol, but at the CSH her job is more security and making sure things are running the way they should.

Peckett’s father was a police officer. Her great uncle held a key position in the military, and he told stories that emphasized how proud he was of being in the military. Peckett met her husband when they were both stationed in Germany. They were in the same unit, and were friends for a few years, where he pursued her. Being persistent paid off, as she turned him down for a while, but later they were married.

Peckett enjoys what she does. “We do a lot of caring for individuals, a lot of things to do with just taking care of people.” She also appreciates that they will pay for her education, as well as the fact that she met the love of her life in the military. Added to all that, you get to meet people from all over the world.