Retired First Sergeant Sam B. Fulton has had a full military career.

After being discharged from the US Navy in July of 1950, he joined the Army the next day. He has been stationed in various places throughout Europe, Korea, and Vietnam.

Starting in 1961, Fulton trained troops at Fort Polk for Vietnam. “Fort Polk was one of my best assignments… I trained troops there for many years,” he said. In 1968, he was sent to Vietnam only to come back to the same battalion and start training troops again. Later, he was sent back to Vietnam, and once coming home, again trained more troops, finally retiring in 1972.

A member of the Purple Hearts organization in Leesville, he was hired to help recruit more soldiers. He is very proud of his medals, each one well earned, from the medals he received flying in helicopters — a Purple Heart, Brown Star, Parachute Badge, campaign ribbons, and his combat infantry badge.

“The Army took care of me, and they still take care of me,” Fulton said.