Specialist Jacob Garrett is a combat medic for the US Army’s 115th Combat Support Hospital.  He is one of many treating injuries on the battlefields and in hospitals, operating much in the way a paramedic would in the civilian world.  One main difference however is “we differ from regular medical jobs because our scope of practice is whatever the doctor says we can do.”

Field hospitals have come a long way since the 115th CSH was formed in 1917, but they still train in tents.  During deployment, for the past few wars, they have been in stationary buildings.  Training however still occurs in the tents.  As SPC Jacob Garrett states, “We train in the tents, we live in the tents, it’s pretty much tent city.”  Early in the war, they were able to repurpose buildings as hospitals, but now hospitals have been able to be built in other countries, they use those instead.

SPC Garrett takes pride in what he has been able to accomplish serving his country.  He has gained training and experience that his friends are not able to get.  He takes pride in the 115th CSH, stating with a smile, “It’s like a well-oiled machine, all the gears are kicking in together, everything’s working together, it just works.