Master Sgt. Quinten Murray, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Legacy: Americas Veterans

For retired Master Sergeant Quinten Murray, his Army career is definitely a matter of pride.

“Twenty-five years of service, and I’d do it all over again if they’d let me,” Murray said.  If you are a seeking guidance, leadership, and lifelong friendships, he believes you’ll find that in the US military.

MSG Murray proudly wears a hat bearing the emblem of the 761st Tank Battalion. The Batallion consisted of black Americans created during WWII at a time when the military was still segregated. They were one of the most successful tank battalions of the war, becoming known as the “Black Panthers.”

The Army makes sure that soldiers have what they need, but sometimes a taste of home helps people make it through rough times. Simple things like tuna, a coke, and Kool-Aid reminded you of home and kept you going. “Those were things that reminded you of home, plus a letter from your loved ones saying, ‘we support you,'” Murray said.  “We’re glad that you’re doing all the things you do, but stay safe and come home safe.”

Being a soldier is not easy, but unless you are in the military, one cannot understand the life of a soldier. It can be especially difficult for children who may only see their parent for 30 to 40 days, and then not again for another year or two. For the soldier, you miss times in your children’s lives, and these are times that you cannot get back.

While the children of a soldier may understand that their parent is making a sacrifice, it does not lessen the emotional impact it can have. “I always give tribute to every man and woman who wore the uniform before me, everyone who has worn the uniform with me, and everyone who has worn the uniform after me,” Murray said. 

Murray is a patriot who believes in taking care of people, whether that means care packages, phone calls, or whatever else one may need. For MSG Murray it is an overwhelming, wonderful feeling, knowing that a few soldiers are able to change the world.

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