Headline: Senator Kennedy on Pelosi’s impeachment: Not only is it dumb, it’s dangerous

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Despite criticism, U.S. Senator John Kennedy is not backing down from his comments referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “dumb” at Wednesday’s campaign rally in Monroe, Louisiana.

The Senator appears to be doubling down, saying her impeachment of President Trump will also set a dangerous precedent.

The remarks were made during a campaign rally for Eddie Rispone, the republican challenger to the incumbent governor, democrat, John Bel Edwards.

The Northeast Louisiana event was hosted by President Trump and televised before a national audience Wednesday night.

After being invited on stage by the President Senator Kennedy told the crowd that Speaker Pelosi wanted to impeach the President.

“I mean no disrespect, but it must suck to be that dumb,” Kennedy said to a roar of applause.

While the crowd appeared to support the remarks, they drew some sharp criticism and even became the focus of some network political shows.

CNN”s Brook Baldwin’s umbrage to the remarks was on full display as the host just gazed into the camera as if she couldn’t believe what she just saw. Her guest suggested the remark was adding to the vitriol we’ve seen in national politics lately.

Kennedy was not featured in that segment, and said he had not seen it.

“I know Brook, I like her. And she’s a very accomplished journalist. Look, my attitude is this is America, you’re entitled to believe what you want,” Kennedy said.

Back home in Louisiana and appearing on This week in Louisiana Politics Kennedy was asked if he regretted saying calling Pelosi dumb.
“No,” Kennedy said flatly.

“I meant no disrespect. I said that. But I thought it was very accurate. I think what the Speaker is doing is not only dumb, it’s dangerous. This is going to be the first partisan…100 percent political impeachment in the history of our country.”

Kennedy goes on to say if a Democrat becomes Commander in Chief, Republicans might impeach that person simply because they don’t agree with them.

We’ve reached out to Speaker Pelosi’s office in California’s 12th district for a reaction, but those calls and emails have not been returned as of the posting of this article.

Kennedy, who has made his support for fellow republican Rispone clear was asked for a prediction to the governor’s race in the runoff election november 16th.

“I think it’s too close for me to call. I think it’s going to be turnout-driven,” said Kennedy.

Pollsters we’ve consulted agree.

Early voting for the General Election will end November 9th.

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