Candidates for second congressional district make last minute campaign push before polls close

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NEW ORLEANS — This afternoon, St. Charles Avenue transformed into a block party.

Supporters of both Senator Troy Carter and Senator Karen Carter Peterson hit the streets, doing some last minute campaigning before the polls close.

“We know that there needs to be fast, bold progressive change and that does not seem to be happening in the state of Louisiana. Karen Carter Peterson will provide bold progressive change, for not only the state, but on a federal level,” said Peterson supporter Sophie Holdroff.

“We like his issues, we like his past, we like his history, we like his track record, we like the things he says he’s going to do. And when you think in terms that the person who had the job endorsed him, that was very significant for us,” said Levon Leban, Carter supporter and President of the Alliance for Good Government.

Carter and Carter Peterson are both democrats hoping to secure the congressional seat left vacant by Cedric Richmond, who is now a Senior Advisor to President Biden.

Several endorsements for Troy Carter include Richmond, former senator John Breaux, and New Orleans City Council President Helena Moreno.

“He’s been incredibly responsive to the people of this city. To me, sitting on the city council, I need someone who when I call, is going to take my call and be able to meet the needs that we have here in the city of New Orleans and Troy is that person,” said Moreno.

Karen Carter Peterson also received major endorsements, including Stacey Abrams, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell and Gary Chambers.

“I think that Karen has a proven track record of standing up against the establishment, against the status quo and calling things as they are, and we need that kind of leadership elected in congress. We don’t need people who just go along to get along,” said Chambers.

The candidates themselves, also campaigning across the city, making their final case as to why they’re the best person for the job.

“I’m ready to lead, I’m ready to go to Washington and serve in a bold and courageous way and fight for people,” said Carter Peterson.

“Look at my ability to build relationships that are necessary to advance Louisana, working with everybody. We don’t have the luxury of being divisive,” said Carter.

Regardless of tonight’s outcome, one thing is certain. A new U.S. representative is heading to congress to fight for Louisiana.

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