MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On January 29, 2023, the Monroe Police Department took 23-year-old Johnathan Dade and 25-year-old Mytasity Mathis into custody. Authorities made contact with the victim on South 7th Street where they were notified by the victim that Mathis used Dade to help gain access into her home.

Dade knocked on the victim’s door and the victim proceeded to open the door for Dade. Once the door was open, Dade moved out of the way to reveal Mathis along with another unidentified suspect.

The two suspects entered the residence and grabbed the victim by the shirt and hair and dragged her outside. Once they were outside the suspects began battering the victim.

The victim advised authorities that Dade was involved in the planning of the attack because she trusted Dade and he knew that she would open the door for him. Dade and Mathis were obtained by authorities and transported to the Monroe Police Department for questioning followed by the Ouachita Correctional Center for booking.

Dade was charged with Criminal Conspiracy and Violation of Protective Order. Mathis received charges for Home Invasion and Criminal Conspiracy.