Thieves steal guns from Youngsville shooting range


A shooting range in Youngsville was robbed over the weekend and investigators say the suspects stole a large number of weapons.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed to News 10 that over 40 handguns were stolen from Sentry Defense, as well as several other weapons.

Youngsville Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux says whoever stole the guns probably did so with the intent to sell them.

“The general public, the law-abiding public, is not going to buy a gun like that, so it’s gonna go on the street to someone that’s not supposed to have a gun.”

Boudreaux says this will likely lead to a spike in crime.

“Well we know they’re not going to the hands of the right people. So they will be used in the commission of crimes that will vary from a homicide to an armed robbery.”

Boudreaux adds, “Unless we really recover these guns soon, I think we will definitely see a spike in crime. The problem is, it won’t be just in this general area, it’s going to be across this region. I think it’s going to reach out as far as Acadia, Vermilion, Iberia, St. Martin. All the way around us because they have as good a network as the police do. The bad guys.”

Owners of Sentry Defense tell news 10 none of their cash or electronics were stolen, so they know whoever did this, was only after the weapons.

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