ALEXANDRIA, La. (KLFY) — The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office has opened an investigation into a number of videos circulating the internet supposedly showing dog trainers abusing their animals.

News 10 has received several of the videos, though no one has been able to independently confirm who took the videos or if they are indeed connected to the facility accused of the abuse. The videos claim the facility in question is located in Lena, La.

Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Tommy Carnline said his office has received complaints from across the country as the videos make their way through social media outlets.

“Our Animal Control Section, as well as our Criminal Investigations Division, are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the videos as well as their origin,” said Carnline. “We ask the public to give us time to conduct a complete and thorough investigation and we will give an update when the investigation is completed.”

The videos sent to News 10 show what appears to be a pit bull breed being beaten around the face while on a pair of leashes being pulled taut from either side. Others show the dogs being pushed to the ground repeatedly.

Since News 10 cannot confirm the owner of the videos, we are unable to show the video at this time, though they are readily available on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.