Warning: The video with this story may be upsetting to some viewers.

YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY)– A video of a cat being tortured that was circulating around Youngsville, frightening students and parents, has been proven to be a hoax, according to the Youngsville Police Department.

The video showed someone pouring gasoline on a cat then lighting it on fire and putting it on someone’s doorstep as a prank during homecoming.

Authorities revealed the video was not taken in Acadiana and was posted several years ago by PETA. The video originated in Malaysia.

“The rumor was, the video was sent to me and said that it was possibly antics of homecoming week,” Youngsville Police Chief Cody Louviere said. “Allegations were made that it was Southside High, but up until that point, nothing was substantiated.” 

“Nothing indicates that it was done in Acadiana or anything having to do with homecoming. I think somebody may have found the video, posted it, and thought it was some kind of sick joke. Then it kind of spiraled out of control from there,” the chief added. 

Louviere also warned about harmful pranks in the future. 

“Toilet papering is fun and games, and it’s a real good idea to contact these parents and let them know what you’re doing and when you’re doing it,” he said. “That way no kids get hurt. Anything past that, the paintball guns that kids are using, somebody’s going to get hurt. It’s just a bad idea all around. Homecoming antics are good fun if they’re done properly and communicated well with the parents. That way, people know it’s coming, and it’s done safely for everybody involved.” 

As for the video of the kitten, the chief said while their investigation revealed the rumors were false, they do take these things seriously.

“When it comes to crimes against persons or animals or anything else, we take it seriously. We look into it. We do everything we can from our standpoint to substantiate it or not, that way we can close it or shut the rumors down as quick as possible,” Louviere told News 10.

There have also been rumors circulating online that someone’s cat was shot as a homecoming prank. Louviere said they’ve had no reports of animal cruelty. 

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