Gretna PD arrest man accused of stabbing his father nearly 50 times


GRETNA. La. (WGNO) — On Wednesday, October 20, a traffic stop by the Gretna Police Department led to the arrest of a possible killer.

Joseph Adams was driving a Ford F-150 when he was stopped by Gretna police officers Jose DelosAngeles and Kaleab Magyar.

According to the Gretna PD press release, Adams seemed extremely nervous, making the officers suspicious that Adams was hiding something.

Reports show that the officers checked Adams’ registration, and learned that he had a criminal history of first-degree rape and illegal carrying of a firearm, and the truck he was driving had a hold on it by the NYPD for its involvement in a homicide.

Officers detained Adams and searched the truck, which led to the discovery of drugs and a loaded firearm.

Adams was placed under arrest and booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center and the truck was seized.

Two weeks after, Officer DeLosAngeles went to Brooklyn to testify in front of a Grand Jury in reference to his involvement in the case.

The Grand Jury accepted the murder charge for Joseph Adams for killing his father by stabbing him more than 46 times.

It was later learned that the truck Adams was stopped in by the Gretna Police Department was the truck he used to dispose of his father’s corpse.

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