NATCHEZ, Miss. (KTVE/KARD) — On Monday, March 20, 2023, at approximately 1:20 AM, officers of the Natchez Police Department noticed a vehicle leaving the parking lot of Delta Rentals, heading toward Adams County, Miss. According to police, they identified Corey Latham as the owner of the vehicle.

At approximately 2 PM, officers witnessed an individual running across Highway 61 from Stine’s Home Improvement’s parking lot, entering the same vehicle that authorities saw earlier that morning. Authorities went on to make contact with two subjects who were occupying the vehicle and identified them as Latham and Jon Adams.

According to police, Latham and Adams advised authorities that they ran out of gas and were waiting for a gas station to open. Police observed an abundance of tools inside the vehicle and in the bed of the truck.

While the duo was detained for questioning, officers noticed a cut fence at Delta Rental and Stine’s. Officials also noticed that there was a variety of merchandise belonging to Stine’s sitting outside the fence line.

Management from Stine’s provided an invoice with all the items totaling $2,019 as well as video footage of Latham allegedly taking items, matching the same items found on the property. Latham and Adams were charged with Burglary of a Business.

Their bond was set at $50,000.