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MONROE, La. (KTVE.KARD) — On Thursday, April 13, 2023, the Monroe Police Department responded to a heroin overdose at Rochelle Avenue. According to authorities, two police officers found two White males unresponsive and seven additional people in the house, who appeared to be heroin and fentanyl addicts.

Authorities arrested the homeowner, Alfred Gallagher, for Possession with intent of CDS I (Heroin), Possession with intent of CDS II (Fentanyl), Violation of CDS Law, and Keeping a Disorderly Place.

Officials have responded to the scene due to multiple overdoses that have occurred at the residence. Records at the Monroe Police Department show that this would be the fifth overdose in the last four months.

According to the affidavit, authorities determined that the residence is used by addicts as a place to receive and use heroin and fentanyl. Authorities obtained a search warrant and found fentanyl, syringes, heroin and viles in the residence.

According to police, heroin and fentanyl were also found in Gallagher’s room. Police confirmed that multiple people in the residence allegedly distributes heroin and fentanyl to people who stay at the home. Police also confirmed that the residence is near two schools, Neville High School and Grace Episcopal, and a daycare, Grace Yellowhouse.

Gallagher’s bond has been set at $50,500.