LSP: Vehicle search reveals 5 vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana weighing 1.2 lbs


OUACHITA PARISH, La. — (8/23/19) A vehicle search by state police revealed five vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana weighing approximately 1.2 pounds.

Louisiana State Police troopers saw a green Honda CRV traveling eastbound in the left lane on Interstate 20 at approximately 82 mph in a 70 mph zone. The vehicle’s front and rear right tires crossed the center dashed line twice. The vehicle also had a trim ring obstructing the rear license plate.

Troopers activated their lights and made contact with the driver, 33-year-old Daniel Brown of Oakland, LA, at the passenger side window. Troopers could smell the odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. After a probable cause search, a plastic bag containing five vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana (approximately 1.2 lb) was located in the rear passenger seat.

Two firearms were also located inside bags in the front passenger area. Brown admitted knowledge of both. One firearm was confirmed stolen through Memphis Police Department. Troopers also confirmed through NCIC that Brown is a convicted felon due to an armed robbery in 2009.

Brown was transported to Ouachita Correctional Center.

He was charged with Speeding, Improper Lane, Improper Display of Plate, Possession of Marijuana, Convicted Felon in Possession Firearm, Stolen Firearm and Possession of Firearm with CDS.

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