ST. BERNARD PARISH, La. (KLFY) — Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said its enforcement agents cited two men for alleged hunting violations in St. Bernard Parish on Tuesday.

Agents cited Ryan Guerra, 47, and Ronald Alveris, 56, both of St. Bernard, for hunting wild quadrupeds during illegal hours and hunting from a moving vehicle. Guerra was also cited for taking over the limit of rabbits.

Authorities reported complaints of illegal night hunting on the east bank levee in lower St. Bernard Parish. Agents said they observed Guerra and Alveris on an all-terrain vehicle at the base of the levee actively hunting around 11:55 p.m.

Agents made contact with the men and found them in possession of 17 rabbits, two lights and a shotgun. During questioning, Alveris told agents he did not shoot any of the rabbits, authorities said.

Authorities said agents seized all 17 rabbits and donated them to a local charity. They also seized Guerra’s shotgun and both lights.

Hunting wild quadrupeds during illegal hours, hunting from a moving vehicle, and over limit of wild quadrupeds carries a $250 to $500 fine and up to 90 days in jail for each offense if convicted.

Guerra also faces civil restitution totaling $539 for the replacement value of the illegally taken rabbits.

The case will be forwarded to St. Bernard Parish District Attorney Perry Nicosia for prosecution.