LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – On Tuesday afternoon, the staff of Medical City McKinney held a press conference to recognize the recovery of Irvin Walker, one of the several critically injured victims in the Premium Outlets shooting in Allen, Texas earlier this month.

For the first time since the mass shooting, hospital staff shared the experience of their lifesaving medical response.

Walker, a Lafayette native who was shot three times, also spoke publicly for the first time, focusing on how grateful he is to be alive.

“An enormous thanks and praise to the most high God that protected me through this process. And when I say process, it’s a process that’s going to continue to be ongoing,” Walker said.

He also thanked medical staff and the doctors.

“As soon as I entered this hospital medical professionals expressed the highest level of love for me,” Walker said. “I had the mindset that, you know what, when I come here, the energy I’m going to give out, I expect back.”

Walker made it clear that he doesn’t want to focus on or discuss the shooter.

“I have nothing to say about the shooting or the shooter or anything like that. It’s all love. I believe you give love you get love,” Walker said. “And that’s why I’m here today.”

But he did share details of what he was doing moments before he was shot.

“I was dropping my girlfriend off,” Walker shared about the day of the shooting. “There was a line around the building so I said ‘I’ll park.’ I said ‘go ahead and get a head start and I’ll be in there soon.”

As well as what happened immediately after.

“After I was impacted by the shooter I got out of my truck and ran for help,” said Walker. “I was bleeding profusely and I saw what looked like a security officer approaching on his Segway and I ran toward him.”

Eight people died at the Allen Premium outlet mall that day, seven including Walker were injured.

A trauma surgeon who treated him on May 6 said Walker survived “Multiple wounds, too many to count,” including a bullet passing close to his heart.

“This event was evidence of evil not winning,” Walker said. “The power of God shown brightly and evil is not going to win. I believe you give love, you get love and that is why I am here today.”