PINEVILLE, La. (WNTZ) – In a dramatic turn of events on the evening of October 17, 2023, deputies assigned to the RPSO Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) found themselves in a harrowing pursuit as they attempted to stop a white Chevrolet Caprice on LA Highway 28 East. The reason for the initial traffic stop was the absence of proper child car seat restraints, but what unfolded was far more concerning.

The driver of the Chevrolet Caprice, later identified as Kenneth Paul Fields, Jr., displayed a reckless disregard for the law and public safety when he refused to yield to the fully marked CSU Deputies, who were equipped with overhead lights and sirens. Fields initiated a high-speed chase that led him through a series of dangerous maneuvers, including driving through ditches and passing other motorists in turn lanes and on the shoulder of the road.

During the pursuit, deputies observed Fields discarding objects out of the vehicle’s window, including three plastic packages and a cell phone. The situation reached a conclusion when Fields eventually pulled over and surrendered without further incident. Fortunately, all the children in the vehicle were unharmed, although they were unrestrained at the time of contact. A family member was promptly contacted to assume custody of the children.

The subsequent investigation uncovered the disturbing contents of the discarded packages: approximately 8.8 ounces of Methamphetamine were recovered at various locations along LA Highway 28 East. Recognizing the need to decontaminate these areas as a precaution, the Pineville Fire Department was called to spray the ground where the Methamphetamine was collected.

Kenneth Paul Fields, Jr. was taken into custody and now faces a litany of charges, reflecting the gravity of his actions. His charges include three counts of possession of CDS II (Controlled Dangerous Substance) with intent to distribute while in the presence of children under the age of twelve, possession of CDS II with intent to distribute, flight from an officer, obstruction of justice, resisting an officer, three counts of child desertion, three counts of cruelty to juveniles, intentional littering, three counts of no child restraint system, and a probation violation.

Fields currently remains incarcerated, with his bond set at $18,600.00, coupled with the probation violation. The apprehension of Fields and the subsequent charges highlight the dedication of law enforcement to ensuring the safety of the community, particularly when children are involved.

Arrestee: Kenneth Paul Fields, Jr. of Pineville, La.


  • Three counts of no child restraint system
  • Flight from an officer
  • Intentional littering
  • Three counts of possession of CDS II with intent to distribute while in the presence of children under the age of twelve
  • Possession of CDS II with intent to distribute
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Resisting an officer
  • Three counts of child desertion
  • Three counts of cruelty to juveniles
  • Probation violation

As the legal process unfolds, the community awaits justice for this high-stakes incident, which served as a stark reminder of the importance of safe driving practices and the protection of children during transportation.

NOTE: All accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.