UNION PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The family of Ronald Greene is not pleased with the indictments of the five officers involved in the killing of Ronald Greene. On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, the family gathered to ask for federal investigators to take another look at the case.

During the court hearing, Judge Thomas W. Rogers asked the defense attorney, J. Michael Small, on whether Master Trooper Kory York’s use of force on Ronald Greene was appropriate. York pleaded not guilty to all charges at his arraignment on February 22nd.

The mother of Ronald Greene, Mona Hardin reacts to the hearing.

“We need federal criminal charges because the state seems that they’ve been kept. And when I say kept, it’s like it’s stuck. There is a door jammed in.”

Family attorney Ben Crump calls for federal civil rights charges in the tragic killing of Ronald Greene.

“That’s why we are asking, imploring, for them to be federal civil rights criminal charges brought by the Department of Justice because we think the killing of Ronald Greene is just as tragic as the killing of George Floyd.”

Family and friends referred to the court as a catastrophe. Activist, Co-Founder of Love Not Blood Campaign, and uncle of Oscar Grant, Cephus “Uncle Bobby” Johnson says there is enough evidence on the video to proceed with a prosecution.

“For the state of Louisiana, we have a video that is plain evidence of this cultural policing here in Union Parish. Throughout the state of Louisiana, it has been perpetrated on people of color. And yet, officers are not held accountable. Show the video, don’t say no more, show the video!”

Hardin says the outcome is a tragedy.

“It’s a joke, you know because they are nitpicking words. Overlooking what we see in the video. And they are playing Russian roulette over a murder by State Troopers of my son.”

Judge Rogers has requested a supplemental affidavit for additional information to be provided on the next scheduled hearing on Thursday, October 12, 2023.