BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Local authorities say two former law enforcement officials are facing charges of theft and malfeasance in office for allegedly fabricating the amount of hours they spent on a job.  

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office (EBRSO) says 27-year-old Michael Arthur was one of EBRSO’s Uniform Patrol deputies for nearly two years and that 25-year-old Andre Weber worked in Uniform Patrol for just over a year, but both men have now been fired.

Michael Arthur
Andre Weber

It all started during the last week in May when EBRSO officials learned that the two may have been lying about their work hours.

According to EBRSO, both men were paid for working an extra-duty security gig at a Baton Rouge business, but didn’t actually stay on-site to perform their job duties. 

The Sheriff’s Office says Arthur and Weber are suspected of falsifying their hours to indicate that they were working at the extra job mentioned above, when they were actually on-duty at EBRSO.

Such allegations boil down to theft and malfeasance in office, which both men have been charged with. 

Detectives say video surveillance and payroll records were used to determine that the allegations were correct. 

EBRSO says Arthur stole over $5,000 and Weber stole less than $1,000.

The two men were arrested Monday (June 6) afternoon.