DERIDDER, La. (KLFY)DeRidder Police Department (DPD) has reported a rise in the use of counterfeit money and is warning citizens to watch out for fake bills, but how do you tell if the money is real or fake?

According to KPLC and the DPD, “for motion picture use only” prop bills have been used at local businesses and in private sales recently.

These bills, at first glance, look just like any other real bill. So DPD police are asking residents and business owners to keep their eye out for counterfeit bills and to report them to local law enforcement.

Here’s what to look for:

  • If the bill says “for motion picture use only” in the corner of the bill, the bill is not for legal use.
  • Observe the feel of the bill. If it feels fake, it probably is fake.
  • Check for color-shifting ink. According to Loss Prevention Media, all bills that are $5 or more (except the newest $5 bills) have a numeral located in the lower right corner. That numeral shifts from gold to green or green to black when tilted back and forth. No color shifting may be a sign of a counterfeit bill.
  • Check for the watermark. The watermark should only be visible when the bill is held to the light and should be on the right side of the bill. The watermark should also match the face of the bill.
  • If the print is raised or blurry, the bill is most likely counterfeit.

These are just a few ways to determine if a bill is real or fake. You can also purchase an ultraviolet light to help determine if you have been handed a real or counterfeit bill, according to U.S. News.