CADLWELL PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — According to the Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Office, on Friday, September 29, 2023, a teacher at Columbia Elementary School was accused of throwing a chair at a 9-year-old student and injuring their head. The Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident and spoke with the principal and employees at the school. 

An investigation revealed that a third-grade teacher, Lexes Boyde, was the one who allegedly threw the chair. The child suffered an injury to the upper right part of their head. 

The child received medical treatment at Citizens Medical Center. Boyde was advised of her Miranda rights, and she stated that the child was crying to go to the office while she was teaching. 

Boyde felt as if the child was attempting to get out of doing work. The child continued to wail, and the teacher claimed she just lost it. 

Boyde continued by saying that she slammed her hand on the table where she and the child were sitting, picked up a chair, and was going to flip the chair down, but hit the child on the top of the head in the process.

There is audio from the classroom during the time of the incident, where around 15 other minors were present. The child is seen on footage walking out of the classroom with the teacher after the incident. 

The audio reveals the child bleeding and crying, asking the teacher why she hit her with a chair. Boyde responded to the child by saying sorry and that she had lost it. 

Boyde was taken to the Caldwell Correctional Center for harming the child.