BRUSLY, La. (BRPROUD) – The Addis Town Council accepted the resignation of Officer David Cauthorn during its Wednesday night meeting, according to Chief Ricky Anderson of the Addis Police Department.

Cauthorn was arrested Sunday, Jan. 1 after his alleged involvement in a deadly crash during a high-speed chase.

The wreck resulted in the deaths of two teenagers on New Year’s Eve, Maggie Dunn, 17, and Caroline Gill, 15. A third teen, Liam Dunn, was in the car with the two girls at the time of the collision and sustained serious injuries.

Investigators say that prior to the fatal crash, Cauthorn, a member of the Addis Police Department, joined officers with the Baton Rouge and Brusly Police force in pursuing a suspect accused of stealing a car.

Police say the unit Cauthorn was driving T-boned the teenager’s vehicle on LA 1.

Cauthorn was charged with two counts of negligent homicide and one count of negligent injury.

After tendering his resignation to Chief Anderson on Wednesday, the Chief recommended that the Council accept the resignation.

The council has the option to accept, deny, or amend the recommendation, and they’re expected to vote on the matter.

Liam Dunn, the third teen who was hurt in the Jan. 1 crash, survived his injuries and received a significant display of support from the local community during his recovery.

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