MOREHOUSE PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) –With the general elections approaching, Morehouse Parish voters will decide if they will renew a 10 millage property tax for school improvements.

The Morehouse Parish School Board proposition would allow the board to get an additional $6 million for capital improvements. Everything from fixing the roofs, its foundations and security updates.

“The property owners would not pay any additional funds. It is something that they are already paying for. It’s asking them to continue what they are doing to support the children of Morehouse Parish,” said business manager for Morehouse Parish School Board, Ersula Downs.

Downs says taxpayers could pay even less.

“Because we are being able to pay this down with possibly lower rates than back in the time when it was put on 20 years ago.”

Morehouse Parish School Superintendent, David Gray, says the first thing the board will tackle will be installing new roofs on all buildings damaged by leaks.

“Currently, all of our buildings unfortunately have leaks. We also have a couple of buildings in the parish that have sinking foundations that were placed on some clays that are expensive.”

The proposition placed on the ballot aims to help with major upgrades in all schools.

Gray says ESSER money is only allowed to be used for students’ lesson learning, or air quality improvements. One example of a recent project includes such the installing of 45 brand new bar units to replace old air conditioning systems within the schools to keep better quality of air for students. He says ESSER money can not be used for athletics.

“The reason we were able to resurface the track that is a 6 lane track is because we can take kids out of an enclosed gym, get them in fresh air and allow them to have physical activity.”

Proposition A will target safety and security upgrades in all schools.

“It’s very apparent this year that we need to secure our hearts in schools. Fencing would help secure the perimeter from animals from individuals coming on campus that shouldn’t be there,” said personnel service coordinator, Teri Carson.

“We want improvements in our classrooms, we want it enhanced, we want it better for everyone, not just for students but for everyone who works in the school,” said personnel director, Teresa Merritt.

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