DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — More than two dozen cats were killed by pit bulls at the Dothan Animal Shelter Thursday morning.

Normally, the Dothan Animal Shelter is viewed as a safe haven for pets. However, it was a different story when workers arrived at work. Nearly 30 cats were found dead in their pens.

The gruesome damage was done by two pit bulls that were brought to the shelter Wednesday. The pit bulls broke out of their chain link fence and made their way into the cats’ pen.

“It’s very sad. It’s very disturbing because especially being a volunteer doing what I do, and to know they were killed by those animals it’s very sad. It’s heartbreaking,” said Denise Hammonds, a volunteer worker at Dothan Animal Shelter.

As of now, it is unclear whether the dogs will be euthanized. The fate of the dogs who mangled the cats has not been determined.

According to workers, the Dothan Animal Shelter is due for some upgrades. With the incident, they hope the changes will come soon.

“If we have a new facility with updated equipment, I mean this facility is old. It’s been here a long time. Dothan is growing and taking care of animals should be apart of that. It’s highlighting the need for a new shelter, but we have to have the support from the community,” Hammonds said.

At the moment, the shelter is overseen by the Dothan Police Department but city officials hope to create a board to oversee it in the future.

“You never expect something like this to happen and nothing like this has ever happened. I’ve been there 13 years and haven’t seen anything like it,” Hammonds said.

Workers are receiving counseling during this hard time after being traumatized by the animals’ deaths.