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Orokii Partners with Payaza for Seamless Global Collections: Empowering Businesses for International Growth

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J., Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Orokii, a pioneering Fintech company offering B2B and P2P payment remittance solutions, has embarked on a transformational journey to elevate its users' remittance experience with many on/ramp choices. Orokii will transform how businesses interact globally by leveraging Payaza's cutting-edge International Collections solution.

Orokii is providing more choices to customers to on/ramp on its platform.

Orokii provides its customers with instant national and international money transfer services. However, Fintech is about staying ahead of the curve to compete in the rapidly evolving remittance market. In partnership with Payaza, Orokii has taken a significant step in providing its users with many payment options, enabling customers to choose how they want to on/ramp to the Orokii platform. Our customers demanded this, and we listened, and we are delighted to partner with Payaza to bring this capability to our customers, says Orokii CEO Bisi Adedokun.

About Orokii
Orokii is a US-based company that provides P2P and B2B payment solutions that enable individual users and businesses to send money nationally and internationally. Users send money using the Orokii Mobile or Web App at significantly low fees and quick delivery time - lower transaction fees and timely delivery help promote financial inclusion. Orokii's B2B solution allows customers to pay offshore employee payroll, invoices, or other business payments at very low transaction fees and quick delivery time.  Orokii makes money transfers ridiculously cheaper and faster.

About Payaza
As a leading provider of innovative payment solutions, Payaza simplifies financial processes and catalyzes businesses to thrive internationally. Payaza offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions that simplify payouts (local, international, and bulk), collections (regional, international, direct API integration and dashboard access), and virtual card issuing (local, international, and direct API integration).

The partnership between Orokii and Payaza has further paved the way for African businesses to compete in the international market and enjoy seamless transactions and boundless opportunities for companies worldwide.

Considering the dynamic nature of today's business landscape, where international markets beckon and seamless transactions are the currency of success, Payaza is not just providing a solution but opening doors to unprecedented business opportunities. Its International Collections solution demonstrates Payaza's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and global connectivity.

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