BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)– The mother of UVA Football player, Michael Hollins Jr., Brenda Hollins, says that after the traumatic experience, her son “had a rebirth.”

Brenda Hollins is the mother of the University of Virginia Running Back Michael Hollins. Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she says “what you see is what you get with him.”

To Brenda and Ebony Hollins-Allen, Michael is more than just an elite football player, he’s a son and a brother.

Ebony Hollins says that her brother, “has a great interest in art history and even music.”

Michael took that love for arts, history, and football to the University of Virginia in 2019. Hollins Jr. became a running back for the Cavaliers and studied African History.

On the night of November 13, Brenda received a phone call that forever changed her.

Brenda describes the night she received the phone call from the hospital, “I still have flashbacks of that phone call, It was the worst phone call that I ever received.”

Mike and his classmates were on a field trip to Washington D.C. to see the Ballad of Emmett Till. Once the class arrived back on campus, multiple gunshots were fired from inside the bus.

According to Brenda, Mike has had a strong protective instinct since he was 5 years old. Hollins Jr. yelled for everyone to get off the bus as quickly as possible, then Mike charged to rescue his friends.

University of Virginia Football players, Lavel Davis Jr., Devin Chandler, and D’Sean Perry were all struck along with Hollins Jr.

The man accused of killing the three players is Christopher Darnell Jones. Jones was a running back for the Cavaliers football team in 2018.

According to longtime friend, Gordon McKernan, one of Louisiana’s top injury lawyers, he remembers Brenda calling hysterically to him about the incident.

Brenda Hollins visited Hollins in Virginia the day prior to the phone call. She told us that she sits “in the exact spot at every home game so that he can look up and find us.” She couldn’t believe hours prior to arriving home, that her son was involved in a mass shooting.

Gordon tells Brenda, “We’ll take care of everything. You just need to get up there.” She felt like she couldn’t get back to Virginia fast enough.

The Hollins family and Attorney Gordan McKernan went to the hospital as soon as possible.

The nurses told Brenda and the rest of the family how ‘polite’ he was in describing what happened on the night of November 13th.

According to Gordon McKernan, Mike told him “He had finished his homework, and he went up to the front to ask a teacher a question.”

Gordon also mentions how Mike was shot through the back and the bullet went through the front of his stomach coming out the other side of his body.

While in the hospital, Mike was put on a ventilator for several days. While laying there, he physically wrote to mom and sister asking “Where’s D’Shean”? Mike’s good friend, is considered a brother to him on the football team.

Mike’s sister Ebony Hollins was the one who told her brother what happened to his teammates. She says “I was at his bedside and I was stroking his head and holding his hand” She paused, he spoke, saying “Hey hey y’all and he looked up at me and said where’s D’Shean?”

Ebony says that it is something she will never forget how he reacted to the news.

Ebony continued by saying “That cry, I will never, get his cry out of my head.” She describes his cry as being ‘so deep’ and ‘ground shaking’. She said he literally ‘shook the entire room with how deep his cry was.”

His family says that Mike has been battling with the pain physically and emotionally. Brenda says it’s their faith that’s pulling Mike to become stronger, enough for him to physically walk again.

His mother says that “This is now the time for Mike’s voice to be heard” and that it’s his experience to tell. To his mom, she calls it the “Rebirth of Mike.” Rebirth as in seeing Mike talk again, seeing Mike walk again, and seeing him continue to heal and grow.

The Hollins family is forever grateful to the families, friends, and local community who expressed their concern for the Baton Rouge native.

As far as an update, Mike has four college essays left to graduate on time this December. His mother says that Mike is an honors student and will complete those in time for graduation.

Michael Hollins Jr. has been discharged from the hospital.