General Mills charging $13 for box of ‘Morning Summit’ cereal


(WTNH) — I think we can all agree that cereal is delicious. I mean, who doesn’t love cereal. Right?

There are so many different flavors, and there are even ones for when you’re trying to eat healthier.

Well, General Mills is kicking up a notch for the health nuts with its new health-conscious breakfast item: Morning Summit cereal.

Among the whole grain wheat flakes are other yummy, healthy foods such as almonds, dried cranberries, dried cherries and pumpkin seeds.

And this flavorful cereal packs a powerful punch to your mouth and wallet. That’s right, the more than two-pound box retails for $13 per box — depending on where you buy it.

Other retailers like Walmart are selling the box for just under $27, which beats Amazon‘s price of roughly $32.

Meanwhile, the average box of cereal costs $3.27.

“We’re innovating in new product forms that command premium price points, including our new Morning Summit product, which has almonds as the first ingredient and sells for $13 a box,” General Mills chairman and CEO Jeff Harmening told investors at a conference Tuesday, according to Fortune. “Our strategy to drive compelling cereal growth is centered on launching compelling innovation that offers taste, convenience, and health benefits while investing in brand building that engages consumers and gives them a reason to walk down the aisle.”

 I’m all for people living their best lives and eating healthy, but $13 per box? I think you’re milking this one, General Mills.

And cereal lovers seem to agree.

“Kellogg [General Mills] is out of its mind. It’s just cereal,” one commenter said on Walmart’s website.

Either way, we want to know: Would you spend $13 on one box of cereal?

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