NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— The biggest questions facing New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell — On Tuesday, we asked them. And for the first time, Cantrell talked about the effort to get her out of office in an exclusive interview with WGNO’s LBJ. See the full interview in the player below.

Fresh off last week’s announcement of more than $80 million in incenetives to keep and reruit police officer some critics have questioned whether the city could continue to incentives once the American Rescue Plan money runs out.

“So what I say is, that it’s all about fiscally sound and within our practices,” Cantrell told LBJ. “Being very conservative in how we plan for the future.”

Cantrell also stated that the presence of the new consultants to the NOPD has already indentified immediate structural changes to get more officers on the street. The conversation then turned to the mayor’s travel.

LBJ: Last week, you addressed the issue of paying back to the city any upgrades on travel.

CANTRELL: There will be no reimbursements to the City of New Orleans. The focus on my health and well-being is one that is a priority for me. And one that is a priority is because I have to the work on behalf of the citizens of this city. But not only that as it relates to my travel budget, I have never once overspent. I have actually underspent.

LBJ: Mayor obviously there’s some folks that are unhappy and have undertaken an effort to recall you as mayor.  We haven’t heard you address it anyway and we wanted to give you an opportunity to the effort itself

CANTRELL: I’ve chosen to do the hard things. That doesn’t mean that comes without the ability to please everyone.  I cannot do that. I strive to but I cannot but I choose to do the hard things. I continue to make history around here.