VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) – In the wake of the deadly Uvalde school shooting, the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office is revisiting school safety plans and policies.

According to Evangeline Parish Sheriff Charles Guillory, “Schools will have to be proactive at all times.” All deputies, including the sheriff, are trained for active shooter situations. “We will have a patrol meeting this week to remind them about active shootings. We need to bring it to the surface,” Guillory adds. 

Thirteen schools are housed in the parish. The sheriff’s office has zero school resource officers on payroll. He says the budget plays a huge role for the absence but also says hiring and availability is to blame. “Even if I could find 13, I have a hard time keeping my office fully staffed,” explains Guillory. 

A school resource officer cost about $50,000. For thirteen schools, that total would be about $650,000 a year. Guillory continues, “That includes the vehicle, insurance, salary, and retirement.” Until they can get the cost under control, Sheriff Guillory will meet with Superintendent Lazard about other ideas he has for school protection.

Sheriff Guillory wants to see:

  • Adequate fencing around every school
  • Camera systems, with someone monitoring them at all times
  • One entry point into schools
  • An amber-alert type system that notifies all law enforcement in the parish

 Guillory says, “It’s all for safety. What do we do?”