COVID-19 closures costing SeaWorld parks tons of money

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SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — SeaWorld Entertainment is reporting a 30 percent drop in revenue during its first quarter in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The company, which is based in Orlando, said revenue dropped by $67 million when compared to its first-quarter last year with 1 million fewer visitors at its SeaWorld Parks.

SeaWorld San Diego, like other theme parks across the country, has been closed during COVID-19 crisis. (Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

With no planned reopening date, the company’s second quarter results are likely to be much greater.

“While the world is experiencing an unprecedented global health crisis that has impacted nearly everyone on the planet, we are confident in the resiliency of our business,” said Marc Swanson, SeaWorld’s interim CEO.

Swanson says there are no plans to reopen yet, but when parks do open, they may require masks and implement temperature checks for employees, a reservation system and social distancing for guests.

No one can be certain when SeaWorld parks will reopen, but it’s expected facilities in San Antonio and its Florida parks will open ahead of SeaWorld San Diego, due to California’s stricter COVID-19 safety measures.

“We’re going to open when it makes sense for us, assuming that’s within the green light period obviously,” Swanson said.

“Our surveys suggest there is a pretty strong pent-up demand for people who say they are likely or very likely to come visit a park when it opens.”

The company has reportedly laid off 95 percent of its work force.

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