Hon Tai Technology Group, the Taiwanese company better known as Foxconn, last week unveiled an electric cargo van and updated on progress in bringing other EVs to production.

Shown during the company’s Tech Day presentation, the Model N van measures 235.4 inches long, 81.1 inches wide, and 106.2 inches tall, putting within the size range of U.S.-market full-size vans like the Ford Transit.

The van will offer up to 155 miles of range and vehicle-to-load (V2L) charging capability, Elaine Wu, a member of the engineering team, said during the presentation. Notable features include a camera and sensor suite that gives drivers a 360-degree view around the vehicle, and a foldaway passenger seat that allows the drive to step directly out of the vehicle onto the curb.

Foxtron Model NFoxtron Model N

Foxconn didn’t provide a production timeline, or indicate whether the Model N will be sold in the U.S. And while it did provide some updates on other EV plans, they mainly focused on expanding into new markets such as India, not what Foxconn plans to build or sell for the U.S. and when.

Jun Seki, the company’s chief strategy officer for EVs, said the company has 23 EV projects underway that have passed the planning stage, and showed a graphic listing some “in production” projects for North America. But this seems to include both vehicles Foxconn plans to market under its own Foxtron brand and those being manufactured under contract for other companies.

Foxconn EV projects October 2023Foxconn EV projects October 2023

Just last October, Foxconn revealed the production Foxtron Model C crossover, which the company now says has undergone some durability testing for the U.S. market. It’s the first model based on the company’s MiH platform first revealed in 2020, which was envisioned to be “the Android system of the EV industry.”

Foxconn also showed what it claims is a production version of the Model B, a smaller crossover first shown in prototype form alongside the Model C and the Model V pickup truck last October. About the size of the Chevrolet Bolt EUV or Nissan Leaf, the Model B in production form aims for more than 310 miles of range on the NEDC testing cycle. That’s an increase of 10% from the previous estimate, achieved with improvements in thermal management, Foxtron CEO Andy Lee said.

Foxtron Model BFoxtron Model B

Lee also confirmed a dual-motor all-wheel-drive version of the Model B that will accelerate from 0-62 mph in a claimed 3.9 seconds, compared to 6.6 seconds for the single-motor rear-wheel-drive powertrain shown last year. The interior also features an enlarged 9.2-inch instrument cluster, and a new steering wheel and seats.

Since last year, Foxconn, which now owns General Motors’ former plant in Lordstown Ohio, backed out of its deal with Lordstown Motors to produce that company’s Endurance electric pickup. Foxconn purchased the factory from Lordstown, which has since declared bankruptcy, and plans to use it to manufacture other vehicles, including the Indi One EV and a self-driving electric tractor.

Foxconn is also reportedly due to make the Pear EV for Fisker, although as of a couple months ago the deal wasn’t yet finalized.

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