Kennedy says U.S. has a message for American allies and enemies

MONROE, La. (KTVE) - "Please take this North Korea business seriously because the American people do," Senator John Kennedy said.

A message delivered to American allies in Asia, asking them to stand against the threat of North Korea.

When Kennedy returned from China to speak to the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, the potential of nuclear missiles being built in North Korea took center stage.

 Kennedy says if it comes down to it--and North Korea activates those nukes-- America is ready to strike back

"Those F-22s are lined up and they are locked and they are loaded now ours is a peace loving country but enough is enough," he said.

He says China could make the difference between war and peace.

"We know that the Chinese have a great deal of influence over North Korea we are asking respectfully for the help of the Chinese," Kennedy said.

"It would be in the best interest of China and America."

Kennedy says this will give America a chance to send a message to both friends and foes.

"Other countries are looking at America and our friends don't trust us and or enemies don't' respect us and we've got to get that respect back," he said.


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