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Lydia Kozlowski, Exercise Specialist with The Rapides Foundation's Healthy Lifestyle Program, will be your guide for Get Healthy Cenla.

The Rapides Foundation, FOX 48 and want you to live a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise, and through practice and repetition you will "Make It a Habit."

Get Healthy Cenla will offer simple do-at-home exercises that will get your heart rate up. Also, find a monthly Challenge Calendar from The Rapides Foundation which will get you on a daily fitness routine. Discover additional videos from recipes to healthy activities you can do outdoors.

On Facebook and Twitter, search and use the hashtag #GetHealthyCenla to join in the fitness conversation.

Get up, let's get moving and Get Healthy Cenla!

Exercise Demonstrations
Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.
  • Squats

    Lydia Kozlowski will show you how to execute proper squats to strengthen the lower body.

  • Stationary Lunges

    Lydia Kozlowski will show you how to execute proper stationary lunges.

  • Push Ups

    Lydia Kozlowski will show variations you can do for the standard push up.

  • Leg Raises

    Lydia Kozlowski will guide you through the proper way to execute leg raises.

Challenge Calendar

Each month, download the monthly Challenge Calendar, which provides healthy eating and exercise goals each day.

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