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WNTZ-TV FOX 48, and Hyfn Local Alexandria would like to extend a welcome to local advertisers who want to reach the Central Louisiana community with an environment where they are making advertising buying decisions with qualitative research.

Our goal is to help clients develop their businesses through creative marketing.  We first do that via the most powerful advertising medium ever created, broadcast television. Along with television, we are on the cutting edge of emerging technologies in the digital space, through use of in-home and mobile platforms.

However, many local and small businesses may believe or assume that television and digital advertising is prohibitively expensive. Our team is ready to dispel for you that belief.

We have a wide variety of advertising and marketing programs that can easily be afforded by local businesses. Our clients have the opportunity to stretch their resources through local television, local digital marketing and marketing/community projects designed to enhance their visibility in the marketplace.

We work with advertising agencies and are ready to help our clients develop new business and expand their customers' use of television and digital spaces, by providing research, ratings and assisting on executing promotions. We consider advertising agencies to be our marketing partners, and we will gladly assist start up shops that wish to bring their clients to television or digital.

Our sales team can design packages that will reach your spot advertising goals and fulfill your complete marketing objectives through digital, promotions, community service and event marketing. We believe venues like these require personal interaction and stand at the forefront of the consumers' consciousness. We like to not only reach the consumer, but to also influence them to purchase your product or service.

We are committed to your overall advertising needs. As an added feature, we are equipped with research information such as Rentrak and qualitative research. We can conduct special runs that are pertinent to your company's interests.

FOX 48 extends the FOX network brand to the Internet with interactive content that goes beyond traditional television to allow the viewer a more in-depth, personal experience. We provide local digital solutions through and an in-house digital marketing firm, Hfyn Local, to offer advertisers a variety of ways to reach their desired consumers.

It is the mission of our team to not only streamline the entire digital media buying process for our advertisers, but also to deliver the most successful campaigns. From our vast behavioral, contextual, demographic and geographic online targeting capabilities to our SEM and mobile web and app reach, we will customize the right solution for you. 

We'll work with your brand to develop customized messages and opportunities to unite with some of television and digital's best properties.

Contact our Sales Team

Station & Sales Manager
Aleece Way
(318) 443-4700 ext. 204

Sales Assistant
Val Daigle
(318) 443-4700 ext. 201

Marketing Consultants

Jason Brown
(318) 443-4700 ext. 206

Christi Thomas
(318) 443-4700 ext. 209



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